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Performance Analysis: Conduct assessments through data collection and results analysis.

Design & Development: Customize mentoring programs and training in coaching and mentoring skills. Create

custom-designed leadership development strategies and curricula in the form of presentation decks, participant

guides, and related online resources.

Facilitation: Provided workshops, retreats, and presentations for administrators, educators, and volunteers including

(but not limited to) courses on mentoring and positive youth development.

Metrics & Evaluations: Develop systematic metrics strategy, evaluate program performance and effectivness, analyze

results, recommend actions for improvement.

For further information about One Protégé's activities and services please

contact us at 213.534.8181 or email us at

​One Protégé is a research-based mentoring firm based out of Los Angeles, California. We have been engaged in capacity building and technical assistance for the past decade, working with clients in the following arenas: K-12, Higher Education, Scholarship Initiatives, Tutoring & Mentoring Programs. We are proud to offer the following services:

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