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Great things can happen when you walk with someone over a long period of time. Addressing the needs of those in the midst of transitioning during their college & post-college years, here we assist young leaders develop into effective agents of change who are ethical decision makers.

Heavily conversation-based, meetings regularly take place on golf courses & in restaurants throughout the Los Angeles area in order to facilitate relationship building and provide an adequate amount of time to wrestle through issues of life and the curriculum topics that need to be addressed. To apply to be a part of the Strategic Protégés Program, click here to apply online.


Strategic Protégés

With an emphasis on addressing the vision and values of early elementary school students, a cohort mentoring program has been developed which seeks to impact students during their initial academic years.

Individualized learning is facilitated through the use of iPads and field trips selected by each student. Healthy relationships are addressed each meeting as a means of cultivating social skills as they interact with their family, friends, and mentors on a daily basis. You will be able to apply to this program online soon.

Lil Protégés

Historically, internships have proven to be a critical component of career preparation, especially when interns are able to fulfill roles that match their academic preparation. A successful internship program provides structure and is able to provide quality experiential learning opportunities for interns. An intern can then expect to come away groomed for future employment opportunities having received real-world experience and made connections that will last a lifetime.

The One Protégé Intern Program takes on interns year-a-round to participate in a cohort-based training initiative with a strong emphasis on leadership development. Innovation is at the heart of the program, which includes producing cutting edge products such as the first youth mentoring app: The LPR Online Assessment. One Protégé is committed to establishing the industry-standard in quality assessment tools. To view the One Protégé Intern Program intern job description and opportunities that are currently available click here. To apply online click here to complete our online application, then email your resume to


One Protégé Intern Program

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