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The Keynote & The One-Day Training Event


His experience in the field of mentoring, both at the grassroots level guiding students one-on-one, as well as his consulting work at the policy level is in high demand. What better way to launch out a season than to bring Veas' to speak to your audience. This memorable talk is geared toward students who are in college or on track to attend college.

The accompanying training will walk students through the entire Leadership for Today curriculum, leaving a lasting impact on them for the rest of their lives.

The GVP Online Assessment


What happens when students take initiative and begin to take advantage of the caring adults that are in their circle of influence? Amazing things! This free tool helps students navigate those waters as they establish, maintain, culminate, and redefine those relationships over time.

Simply click on the brown GVP logo to the left and you will be taken directly to the assessment.

The Hands-On Book


​Dr. Gabe Veas touches upon the principles he expands upon in his book, Leadership for Today: It’s not just what you know, it’s who you know. He addresses how important it is for students to remain grounded in their values as they move forward in life. He also highlights how students can obtain informal mentors who will help them to achieve their dreams.


Soon you can visit our Official Store to purchase the rerelease of our Audio or Electronic Version of this book. Following this, a direct link to will be activated here, where

you will be able to purchase

the Hard Copy Version.

The Templates

Here is where the resources that were mentioned in Leadership for Today are available for you to obtain free of charge:

Mentoring Agreement, Conversational Q's, Protege Profile, & Meeting with Purpose Worksheet.

Simply click on either of

the icons to download the

format you want.

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