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So many nights I laid awake
So many changes to make
Wondering what it would take
For a society to remake

Dr. Gabe Veas is a native of Los Angeles who in 2017 was named the first Professor of Mentorship in the United States. With over a decade of experience as an academic, Veas has taught at twelve institutions of higher learning. Veas is a prolific speaker and author, addressing the societal ills of the day through the mentoring lens at venues such as Princeton and Yale. Veas not only advocates for, but also models how to effectively implement intercultural mentoring as a means of community transformation. Veas co-founded the consulting firm One Protégé with his wife, Dr. Karina Veas, which has been pioneering research in areas such as protégé-initiated mentoring and Mentoring Lineage. As a highly visible public scholar and sought-after consultant, Veas heavily relies on social media platforms to cultivate relationships with leaders internationally, shape the trajectory of mentoring globally, and help institutions to live into their missions. Recently, Veas launched The Los Angeles School of Mentorship, which is a progressive artistic community dedicated to developing more effective mentors and protégés. As a lyricist, Veas has consistently performed online during the pandemic facilitating art therapy through his Synthwave inspired Rap music, helping people understand their identity, discernment process, and ethical values.

Dr. Gabe Veas    Founder

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